Don Amorim

September 1, 2021 - Você gosta de corrida? E de skate? Então vale muito a pena ler essa próxima entrevista. O Don é aquele cara que gosta muito de esportes, mas sua paixão é o skate – e foi por conta do skate que … Read More >>


July 19, 2021 - Fomos até o atelier da TND Sneakers para conversar com o Thiago, fundador e dono da TND – uma das empresas de customizações mais conhecidas no Brasil. Se hoje em dia, a TND está onde está, é pela dedicação, qualidade … Read More >>

Diego Garcia

June 16, 2021 - Você lembra do seu primeiro tênis, aquele realmente especial? Para contar sua história, Diego escolheu um tênis muito especial – o Nike Air Zoom TI Street . Talvez não seja o mais conhecido ou o mais óbvio, mas esse foi … Read More >>

Karem Keiko

May 26, 2021 - This week’s interview is with Karem Keiko – journalist, model and content creator. For her interview here on Kickstory, she chose a shoe that has a very special meaning – the Nike Dunk High x AMBUSH. Not only a wonderful … Read More >>

Cristian Resende

May 18, 2021 - Sentamos para conversar com Cristian Resende, sócio fundador do Cartel 011, onde no futuro será o novo espaço da marca. Vindo do interior de Minas Gerais para São Paulo, ele conta suas experiências com varejo e o que o levou … Read More >>


January 18, 2021 - This week we kick off the interviews for 2021 with the conversation we had with Carla at the end of last year. She’s a multi talented person that does a bit of everything – She’s a photographer, an executive producer, … Read More >>

Caio ‘The Vict’

December 16, 2020 - Turning your passion for sneakers into your actual job is something very few people get to achieve. To close out the year, we went to Caio ‘The Vict’s studio to talk about how he started his channel and the process … Read More >>

Felipe Fil

November 10, 2020 - This week we had the opportunity to interview Felipe. He is a professional musician, and played in a band for several years that enabled him to live many of his dreams: signing a contract with a major label, playing at … Read More >>


October 21, 2020 - E chegamos ao fim da série de entrevistas em parceria com o SneakersBR e adidas. Nessa última entrevista, sentamos para trocar idéia com uma integrante do próprio SneakersBR, co-fundadora do Wsneakersbr e mais uma apaixonada pelo conforto do ZX – … Read More >>


October 14, 2020 - Moving forward with our interviews, we talk to another ZX lover – Alexandre from SneakersMOB. In his second interview for Kickstory, he talks about his first encounter with the ZX model, his favorite colorways and collabs, and also what draws … Read More >>


October 7, 2020 - In partnership with SneakersBr and support from adidas we started a series of interviews to talk about a sneaker family that for 36 years since its first release, has remained one of the most iconic lines of adidas, having gone … Read More >>

Vitória Leona

September 30, 2020 - Six years before putting the air bubble inside the midsole, a recently founded Nike made its debut on the basketball court with the Nike Blazer Mid. Released in 72 the Blazer was one of Nike’s first basketball sneakers and was … Read More >>

Roger Mancha

April 13, 2020 - In January, in a time quite different from the one we are going through right not, we had the pleasure of going to Carrito and sitting down for a talk with one of Brazil’s biggest names in skateboarding, Roger Macha. Roger … Read More >>


March 3, 2020 - Through her profession, Grazilooked for ways to give Skateboarding more space and a voice, especially women’s skateboarding. In our interview, she told us about the road and experiences that let her to create Go Channel – a channel dedicated to … Read More >>


February 12, 2020 - This our last interview from our partnered project with Puma for the release of the first model of the Puma Rider series, a reconstruction of the Fas Rider, a shoe from the 80s that was the foundation for running as … Read More >>


February 5, 2020 - Moving on to the third interview in partnership with Puma, we talked to Lucas, sneakerhead and photographer. Lucas talks about how his interest for sneakers came from skateboarding and also from his love for photography. Besides, Lucas told us how … Read More >>


January 31, 2020 - For this second PUMA Rider interview, we talked to Olivia, who since she was a kid, wouldn’t wear anything besides sneakers. Her passion came from the skating universe, and evolved, until someday she found out that there were many other … Read More >>


January 24, 2020 - Once a shy guy, today Thiago has made dancing his life and he does not shy away from expressing who he is. This week Puma Brazil launches the first sneaker in the Rider family, the Puma Style Rider Ride On. … Read More >>


January 14, 2020 - Very few people would have given up on what most consider a dream, to make a statement, this was the case with Ari. Ari Saal Forman is not only an artist, he is truly a creative, his work hovers over … Read More >>

Jeff Staple

December 13, 2019 - Out of all the 155 interviews we have done until now, this next one is definitely one of our favorites – and that’s because we had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Jeff Staple.  During our trip to NY, … Read More >>


December 5, 2019 - On our trip to NY we had the pleasure to meet a person that not only has many talents, but was also real nice to us and helped us make Kickstory in NY. Marvin does a bit of everything, besides … Read More >>


November 26, 2019 - Visitamos o studio do Atsuo, que é não só conhecido pelos seus montros dragões e criaturas fofinhas, mas também por ser uma pessoa de muito bom astral! Encantado com a “bagunça” e diversidade daqui, Atsuo deixou sua terra natal de … Read More >>


November 7, 2019 - We went after 3 people with stories, personalities, and different styles and who like adidas Originals to tell their experiences and stories with their three stipes OGs, for the home of classics projects. Our last interview was Sheik, a guy … Read More >>


October 31, 2019 - We went after 3 people with different personalities, and with real stories written with their adidas Originals. The second person to be interviewed is Mr-Fe, a “present-school” bboy from the Street Breakers Crew which has been in the Hip-Hop scene … Read More >>


October 23, 2019 - This week’s interviewee is Luan Batista, photographer and visual artist, who spoke about his classic Superstar. His interview is part of the Home Of Classics project, a partnership between us and SneakersBR with support from adidas. In this project we … Read More >>

Karol de Souza

October 11, 2019 - PHOTOS BY PÉROLA DUTRA I am Karol de Souza, I am a rapper, born and raised in Curitiba and living in São Paulo for 13 years, and now I‘m releasing an album in 2019. I have always been very much … Read More >>


September 16, 2019 - Last week we were invited by Adidas Brazil to sit down with Doncesão, the guy who knows his history on Kanye and the whole Yeezy line. He talked a little bit about what’s like being a rapper, producer, fashion enthusiast, … Read More >>


September 9, 2019 - We went down to the Umdois channel and Futliga’s studio to talk to Fábio Nakano about managing YouTube channels, the pressure of creating good quality content, the soccer lifestyle and soccer boots. Because if they’re some sort of sneaker they … Read More >>


August 27, 2019 - We went over to Leandro Dário’s house to dive into his art and his stories with sneakers. He does drawings, sculptures, photography, embroidery, street art, crochet with his own unique style. That’s how he ended up with a Converse ERX … Read More >>

Sneakers MOB

August 19, 2019 - Alexandre Felix created Sneakers MOB to bring back some of the stories and emotional bonds we have with sneakers. He has lived Hip-Hop culture since he was young, he had his skateboarding phase and today he’s an engineer, but sneakers … Read More >>


July 10, 2019 - “We don’t want to abandon the culture, the history that’s behind every sneaker. What makes a sneaker turn into a piece of art, is the story it carries with them” – Vinicius Fonseca It’s with that kind of mentality that … Read More >>


June 26, 2019 - O Wilmore saiu da zona norte do Rio de Janeiro e foi até Nova York para conseguir o seu Converse Chuck 70. Quem levou o Will por todo esse caminho? A fotografia! Ele é um grande amigo e fotógrafo do … Read More >>


May 29, 2019 - A Verônica Hipólito comprou sua primeira sapatilha de corrida de QUARTA mão. Isso mesmo, três pessoas antes dela já tinham gasto o tênis. Pregos faltando na sola, tecido surrado, um modelo antigo, pessoas julgando. O que ela fez com esse … Read More >>


May 21, 2019 - Rodrigo Ootani is the owner of Oriba, a basic clothing brand. Oriba means “happiness” in Tupi. And that’s exactly what he’s handing out to kids because with each purchase you make at his store, a school kit is donated to … Read More >>


May 7, 2019 - Victor, also known as Bbzão, brought a lot of history when he came to São Paulo from Salvador. Born and raised, it was there where he first got in the world of music and discovered himself as a DJ and … Read More >>

Dan Fontes

April 16, 2019 - The OG sneakerhead Daniel Fontes participated in the seventeenth edition of the BBB. He told us about his experience in the house and how difficult was his mission to choose only 3 pairs of sneakers from his collection to take … Read More >>


April 9, 2019 - We went to the Futliga studio to talk to Bacalhau and Gabi, who both love a very specific kind of shoe: Soccer Boots. Futliga is an amateur soccer league. And its YouTube channels focuses on the sport and on soccer boots, … Read More >>


March 27, 2019 - In Belo Horizonte, sneaker culture has a home at Nëphëw Clothing, our interview of the week. We sat down with its founder, Vitor Sobrinho, and talked about his inspiration behind his streetwear brand, his creative process and his expansion to … Read More >>


March 20, 2019 - How much does Brendow Sena like streetwear? A lot! In fact, he likes it so much that he basically turned his own room into a store, with sneakers on the shelves, racks of clothes and an entire wall covered in Bape’s … Read More >>


March 13, 2019 - Débora doesn’t stop. She’s a runner, founder of Project Run the first running group in Brazil lead only by black people, founder of Project Girls, a running group just for women and also a mother of three children. Her work gets people … Read More >>

Your ID

March 7, 2019 - This weeks interview is with the Brand Your ID to talk about the new NB 574 Barista sneaker, a collaboration with New Balance. Adilson, Bruno, Cris, and Kym talked to us about the process of creating a sneaker based on … Read More >>


February 26, 2019 - This time, you’re not going to read a story about a sneakerhead, this week the story is about an artist that had the opportunity of signing his own Air Jodan 1. Pomb is an illustrator from Brasilia that moved to … Read More >>

Marcelo Sassá

February 21, 2019 - PHOTOS BY VINICIUS MARTIN “My name is Marcelo and I’m from Fortaleza, and I’ve been living in São Paulo since I was 17 years old, I’ve always liked skateboarding even though I just ride a little bit when I can … Read More >>


February 14, 2019 - PHOTOS BY DEKO “My name is Marcelo, 28 years old and I manage a company in the Cosmetic business – a perfume importer and distributor.  For me, collecting sneakers is a hobby, I like it a lot. I’ve always collected … Read More >>

Rafael e Julia

January 23, 2019 - Air Force 1! The icon was born in 1982 by the hands of one of the creators of the Air Jordan II and the Sock Racer, Bruce Kilgore. It was the first ever basketball sneaker to feature Air technology, and … Read More >>

PACE Company

January 17, 2019 - On our first interview of the year, we sat down with the folks over at PACE Company. Juliana and Felipe Matayoshi told us a little bit more about their new sneaker, the S.A.L. 18, a hand made product that is … Read More >>


December 15, 2018 - For the last Kickstory of the year, a post that is less of an interview and more of a talk between the three members. Vitor Manduchi is saying goodbye to Kickstory and talked with Thais and Ian about the history and growth that … Read More >>


December 7, 2018 - Byan left a career as a financial administrator to follow his will to become an event producer, taking part today in shows, festivals, launches and parties. Byan started his relationship with sneakets very early in the 1990s, with brands like … Read More >>


December 1, 2018 - Larissa Rocha is a streetwear culture promoter and law student. She was born in Belo Horizonte and started to get involved with streetwear and fashion through music and art. In addition, she was behind of Brazilian Apparel, an influential group … Read More >>


November 23, 2018 - We talked this week with the photographer from São Paulo @willkhalifaman. More recognized for his drone photos, he is also known for being one of the great collectors of @diamondsupplyco in Brazil, having a very close relationship with the brand and even with … Read More >>


November 16, 2018 - @dosceworks is originally from Galicia but has been living in Barcelona for 10 years. A former chemistry student, graffiti artist, designer and sneaker lover (not sneakerhead, in his words), Paco is an autodidact who is interested in processes and who got … Read More >>


November 9, 2018 - @mcchrislflow is art director, stylist, musician, adman and everything else you want to call – a Swiss Army knife that is always on the run doing more than one thing at a time. We talked to him about his @puma Sega RS-0 Sonic, … Read More >>


November 2, 2018 - @fcgottardello is a visual artist – photographer, videomaker and designer. Asidefrom all this, he is a traveler, always looking for new places, new people and new inspirations. Felipe told us about the force that makes him move and also how the … Read More >>


October 26, 2018 - PHOTOS BY PÉROLA DUTRA Nesse “Outubro Rosa”, o Kickstory e a Altai se uniram para ajudar na conscientização sobre a importância da prevenção e diagnóstico precoce do câncer de mama. Convidamos duas ilustradoras incríveis para conversar com a gente sobre seus trabalhos, suas … Read More >>


October 22, 2018 - PHOTOS BY PÉROLA DUTRA Nesse “Outubro Rosa”, o Kickstory e a Altai se uniram para ajudar na conscientização sobre a importância da prevenção e diagnóstico precoce do câncer de mama. Convidamos duas ilustradoras incríveis para conversar com a gente sobre seus trabalhos, suas … Read More >>


October 12, 2018 - PHOTOS BY JÚLIO NERY “My name is Pedro Costa, I’m 23 years old and I work in advertising. Throughout my life I have really liked fashion, in fact, I think that when you like it is always like that, everyone is … Read More >>


October 5, 2018 - Paulo Pjota is a visual artist, exhibiting worldwide and represented by galleries in São Paulo and London. He was born in Rio Preto and began to get involved with art and fashion through Hip-Hop, Break culture and music, he painted in … Read More >>


September 28, 2018 - Tiago is a portuguese who moved to Barcelona only for a 3 month exchange program, but that in the end has been living there for 7 years. Tiago studied photography, covering many water sports events. Today he is the technical … Read More >>



September 21, 2018 - Léo is a skate lover, works at adidas Originals of Oscar Freire in São Paulo and is part of the musical collective Rap Salva Vidas. Super fan of the brand, he has a collection of Busenitz, which is certainly his … Read More >>


June 8, 2018 - PHOTOS BY JULIO NERY “My name is Carol Granström, I’m 28, I was born in Sweden, came to Brazil when I was 7, lived most of my life in the countryside. Came to São Paulo for college, studied 4 semesters of … Read More >>


June 1, 2018 - “I’m João, I’m 33, currently working with strategy and planning and for events. I’ve had a relationship with Judo for 20 years and today I play Rugby, I spend my life basically between work, sports, and friends.”  Why did you … Read More >>


May 25, 2018 - PHOTOS BY PEROLA DUTRA “I’m Lucca Campolina, ambassador for Jameson Irish Whiskey in Brazil. I was an athlete when I was younger, I ran the IronMan, I did 14 trials before I got injured. I worked in marketing for Red Bull … Read More >>

Nego E

May 18, 2018 - PHOTOS BY JULIO NERY “I’m 26 years old with a degree in Marketing. I usually say that I do a lot of stuff that people don’t that I do, and that I’m a part of a lot of things people … Read More >>


May 11, 2018 - Gabriela Cajado is a stylist, art director and producer – but that doesn’t limit her to any activity. Gabi is also the creator of the brand Cajá – clothes designed for women, not in the way society sees it, but as … Read More >>


May 4, 2018 - “I’m Josh, I’m 23 years old, I’ve just finished 4 years of study in Nottingham in England and I’ve just moved back to Gibraltar. I’m in that transition stage of really knowing what I’m gonna do with my life, but … Read More >>


April 27, 2018 - “I’m Karl Celecia, I’m 23 years old and I’m in my 3rd year studying Fine-Arts in Leeds.” What does it mean to be Gibraltarian for you? There’s something special about Gibraltar, a feeling you can’t get anywhere else in the … Read More >>


April 20, 2018 - “I’m Joe Marchenko, 24 years of age, 24 years young, from Gibraltar – born and raised. I moved to Wales when I was 18 and spent 4 years there studying engineering, but decided that Great Britain was not for me, … Read More >>


April 13, 2018 - “I’m Charles, I’m 24 and I’m a graphic designer. I’ve spent four years living in the northeast on England, in a city called Leeds doing a Degree and now I live in Barcelona doing my Master.” What does it mean … Read More >>


April 6, 2018 - PHOTOS BY JULIO NERY “I consider myself a creative director, it’s basically creating things from images, regardless of being videos, photos, backstage, not being my images, anyway what I do today is creat, that’s why I consider myself a creative … Read More >>


March 31, 2018 - PHOTOS BY PÉROLA DUTRA “My name is Estevão, I’m 27 years old, I’m from Campinas and I moved to São Paulo to study fashion at Santa Marcelina college. During the fourth semester, I started working as a stylist inter for Helo … Read More >>


March 23, 2018 - PHOTOS BY PÉROLA DUTRA “Meu nome é Vivi Bacco, tenho 29 anos. Nasci em SP mas morei desde os 5 anos em Iguape, uma cidade minúscula, colada na reserva ecológica da Juréia/Ilha do Cardoso, fui criada no mangue. Até os 5 … Read More >>


March 16, 2018 - PHOTOS BY PÉROLA DUTRA Created by merging two classics, the Air Max 93 with the Air Max 180, the Air Max 270 is here as the first sneaker of the line created exclusively for casual use. Mashing together the most striking features of … Read More >>


March 9, 2018 - PHOTOS BY PEROLA DUTRA “My name is Felipe, I’m 26 years old, I studied fashion for 2 years and a half, I made the mistake of putting my studies on hold, but now I almost finished getting my administration degree, … Read More >>


March 2, 2018 - PHOTOS BY JULIO NERY “My name is Tico Aquino, I’m 34 years old, I work with product training for Adidas Originals, I’m responsible for Adidas Originals training in Brazil as a whole. I travel the entire country to do training in … Read More >>


February 23, 2018 - Last Friday Nike opened up the “Merc Club”, a space that the athletes could come down and through experiences and other activities try on and learn more about the new Mercurial Superfly 360 and the Mercurial Vapor 360. We had … Read More >>


February 2, 2018 - “I’m Pedro, I’m 24 years old, and I’m living in Barcelona so I can get my masters in Graphic Design. Since I was little I always wanted to do stuff and Graffiti was the first thing that I got in … Read More >>


August 4, 2017 - Last week Öus released a new structure of outsoles called PHIBO, the new tech is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence and the number Phi, considered to be the most beautiful number in the world. The RESILIENTE is the first silhouette … Read More >>


July 28, 2017 - On July 26th of 2017, Öus released in collaboration with Whatafuck Hamburgueria the Ueno Whatafuck. A sneaker made in homage to the F#%*ING BEER, WhataFuck’s original American Pale Ale. Its outsole was made in a unique fashion, using the leftover … Read More >>


July 22, 2017 - “My name is Juno, and even though it doesn’t look like it but I’m 36 years old (laughs). I’m from the Jordan era, and I started playing basketball exactly because of him when I was 9. Back then everyone played … Read More >>


July 19, 2017 - “My name is Luis Felipe or Lula, I’m 28 years old and I’m an architect and urbanist graduated from Mackenzie. At the moment I’m working on a project with a restaurant made out of containers, and it’s my first big … Read More >>


July 7, 2017 - “My name is Fernanda, I’m 25 and I’m a graphic designer and freelancer. My family is Japanese and that was one of the reasons why I chose Liberdade as the location. It’s a place visit frequently, at least once a month … Read More >>


December 9, 2016 - “I bought this sneaker while backpacking around Europe.” “An old friend for trips, parties and even business meetings.” “I was wearing them when I met my wife.” ❤ Onitsuka Tiger HN7H2 Tweed High TopOwner: @samukeeBought: 2007Size: BR40/US9

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