“I’m Josh, I’m 23 years old, I’ve just finished 4 years of study in Nottingham in England and I’ve just moved back to Gibraltar. I’m in that transition stage of really knowing what I’m gonna do with my life, but I don’t know, I’ve just moved back to home and I just waiting to see what the next step is.”

What does it mean to be Gibraltarian for you?

Being a Gibraltarian is all about loyalty. Not much happens or changes in Gibraltar and I used to think that was a bad thing. But as time goes on and I get older and experience new things, I realize that Gibraltar is my safe place. While the outside world can sometimes be cruel, there’s comfort in knowing that once you come back home, whether it’s for a day or for a year, you will always have your family and friends who will do anything for you. I don’t see my best friends for the most part of the year, most of them are on their way to bigger things but when we are all back, none of that matters, we pick up where we left off, it’s like everything has changed but back home, it’s just like old times. We have a trust and bond that can never be broken.

Why did you choose Devil’s Gap Battery as the location of the shooting?

I asked my mom if there was a special place, that meant something to my family – and when I was younger my dad used to bring me here, to this place, and we used to stay here for hours, climbing so much. So yeah, it’s a special place that we had in common.

What is your relationship with sneakers in general?

I think it’s more practicality. I’m not like this person that has loads of sneakers – I have a few pairs and I wear them until it wears out. I’ve got a white Converse because they’re so adaptable, that’s what I look for, I can use them with my tracksuit because it’s comfortable enough or to go play football, or to wear out because it’s stylish enough. So, I like something that is comfortable, practical, adaptable, something that could be used in many ways.

When and how did your relationship with sneakers started?

I suppose from the time you’re a kid and you have that one pair of shoes only. I used to love being out, climbing, playing football or whatever, especially when I was living in England, we used to play out all the time. So I suppose it comes from those shoes that when I got home, I changed my school shoes to my comfortable ones that probably had holes on it, I just did so many stuff with them. So for me, it’s always about that one pair of shoes that I just threw on and do whatever the fuck I want with it, just destroyed them as much as I could.

What’s your relationship with this SB Zoom Stefan Janoski?

I like the color, I have a white Converse and I always stuck to black because too, I have few pairs of shoes and used to stick with the white or black ones – ones that would go with anything I’d wear. But I suppose I wanted something a bit different, something that would look good with a tracksuit and with jeans. Like I said, they are diverse and adaptable – and very comfortable – I feel like I could go climbing with them if I had to.

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski
Owner: @josh.lombard.90
Bought: 2017