“I’m Lucas Bariani, 26 years old, designer just like many other unhappy people in this world (laughs). I collect sneakers ever since I can remember, my dad collected too, but I’ve got more involved and really started spending in the last 5 or 6 years.”

Lucas, what’s your relationship with sneakers in general?

Differently from most people who collect, I like the aesthetic more than the stories of the sneakers themselves. There’s a lot of hype sneakers out there that I think are ugly as shit. As a designer, I love the shapes and lines. I really like Puma’s silhouettes and they are sneakers that most people don’t really care about you know? So what attracts me more than everything else is the shapes and design.

Do you when did you first buy a sneaker as a collector?

The first sneaker I bought as a collector was an Adidas. A play basketball since I was in school and I had one that was full vinyl and the 3 stripes were not down the side like the other models, they went from front to back. I bought them to play in, but when I looked at them I didn’t have the courage (laughs). They were really different and so shiny they had a metal piece on the heel, it was so dope. It was the first sneaker I bought to play in, wore them 2, 3 times and then I left them exposed in my room.

Do you still have this Adidas?

Damn, I don’t have them anymore because they were stolen. I’m from Guarulhos, and I live near the outskirts of the city – I was at a bus stop when two guys approached me and said: “gimme your sneakers”!

We live in a world in which we think that people only collect the sneakers that everybody likes. But there is an underground scene where people with low income collect like Nike Shox, a thousand grand Mizuno’s, and they are collectors as much as any other. Dude have from 10 to 100 pairs of different Mizunos.

But this Vans, do you have any specific story with them?

In 2012 I was at a Bowl tournament in Florianopolis, at Pedro Barros house – he has a bowl in his backyard, it’s been around 2 to 3 years, that the world championship is at his house. I was living there at the time, so me and some of my friends went there and ended up meeting Christian Hosoi– who is one of the founders of skateboarding as we know it. We were talking about sneakers because I was wearing a special edition Vans, and he asked me if I had stolen it from someone because it was so rare. I explained that I was a collector and he said  that I had to wear High tops just like the one he was using. I told  Hosoi that I preferred low tops. So he got this authentic from inside a van that was right next to us with all his stuff and just gave them to me! and of course I asked him to sign the shoe on the sides and midsoles.

Vans Authentic Blue Jeans
Owner: @lucasbariani
Won: 2012
Size: BR39/US8.5