“I’m Rafael, I’m 23 years old, born in Minas Gerais and I came to São Paulo because of college. I fell in love with the city and there’s no way I can leave this place now, I really like living in São Paulo. I work with advertising, and I live my life with a thing for sneakers.”

Rafael, what’s your relationship with sneakers in general?

Sneakers are a piece of clothing that has everything to do with a person’s style. What you wear on your feet, can make all the difference on your entire look, it’s what people make of you. So I wear sneakers to draw attention when I go out or go somewhere different, but I try to wear something comfortable on my day to day life, some that’s good for commuting and doing a lot of walking. It makes all the difference when I’m wearing really comfortable sneakers and not just some regular sneakers. So to me, it’s about style, but it’s also about comfort and personality.

Do you remember when you developed this relation with sneakers?

It all started with this NMD not so long ago. I always liked sneakers, I really liked cleaning and taking care of the ones I had, but I didn’t know the stories behind them, I didn’t know that there were people that really liked them. Early 2016 I bought this NMD, and right away I liked its shape and the design itself, so I began to research about this model. And from this research, I learned about other models, other brands, about the people that are a part of this scene, and everything involving sneaker culture.

And what’s your relationship with this NMD?

Dude I could’ve picked any of my sneakers because I like all of them, but I chose this one because it was the first one that I really fell in love with. The first thing I thought was “damn! This sneaker is good looking, the silhouette is awesome, all the parts are dope”. It was the first one I bought specifically because of the design that went into the sneaker. When I was a boy I liked sneakers because they looked cool, but I didn’t understand its functionality, why they were made like that etc. But this NDM opened my head to look at sneakers as a piece of design, as something for your everyday life that has a purpose.

Do you have a specific story with them?

Dude, I don’t remember anything specific, but I always have them on – from going to work everyday, to going out at night. There was no particular day that I remember, but the fact that they’re with me every day, my partners in my day to day life and only in special occasions, makes them just as special as a shoe that I would only wear on certain events, that’s why I like these NMDs so much.

Adidas NMD R1
Owner: @rfrbr
Bought: 2016
Size:  BR44/US12