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Reebok Instapump Fury ACHM Reebok Instapump Fury ACHM
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Interview # 117

This week we talked with Predo Sanco. Working in advertising, he told us how his worldview, his way of working and his spiritual life is influenced by the world of fashion. Pedro is a communicator, a storyteller – that’s why the sneaker he chose was a Reebok, one of his clients at the agency he works. A relationship that made him learn not just how to communicate with Reebok, but like Reebok.

“My name is Pedro Costa, I’m 23 years old and I work in advertising. Throughout my life I have really liked fashion, in fact, I think that when you like it is always like that, everyone is tied even if not in such a direct way through their life. I believe that fashion is within what we believe as our expressions and personality, not only the general concept of it, but it effectively says who you are and what you want to show to the world, what message you want to put out there no matter where you are. Besides being an art form, another big passion I’ve always had, you know that kid that from the first contact it has with art, says he wants to be a painter, but then he evolves and begins to better understand his own concept of art – that happened to me. I was a kid that loved to express myself in any way when I was growing up, whether it was by the way I dressed, the way I spoke, sung, demonstrated, painted, all of this, I believe, is a part of who I am, and I think that most people in advertising are like that, failed painters (laughs). People that wanted to express themselves in some way and through advertising found a way to showcase their ideas, their creativity. I always wanted to put out there everything that was going on in my head and express myself in the best way possible.

It’s hard to romanticize advertising, we work a lot, but once you can see that as an expression of your personality, everything changes.

just like in my situation with Reebok, I know that during this one year I’ve been with the brand, in everything I’ve done for them, I’ve put what I believe into the communication and the art that is speaking for a brand. Communicating like that is not for everyone, we have to understand advertising as a message that has to be sent and only a message that has to be sold.”

Now talking about sneakers, when did you start to have a relationship with them?

pedroI can talk about when I made the decision about getting my first sneakers, that I thought “I want those sneakers” for real. I was around six years old, and do you remember during Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum commercial breaks there was that commercial about washing your hands, and there was a scene that showed an All-Star, a kid tying his shoes? That was my first time I decided to get a sneaker in my life, I asked my mom for it and it was that moment when I thought “sneakers are awesome”. From that moment on it became a cycle, you start wanting more and more sneakers, choosing others and others.

In school, I wore a lot of Converse and when I got to my adolescence I wanted Vans and by the end of high school I only wanted Jordans. From that moment on, my I opened my range of sneakers, this happened when I was already working, in college, which helped a lot.

For a lot of sneakerheads, sneakers came through sports. But to me, they actually came through fashion, I always wore sneakers to go with what I was wearing in some way, for example, I wore Converse because I liked how they looked with my school shorts, then I was wearing Vans because I liked wearing skinny pants more, just to show how you change as time goes by.
I always say that my challenge is to have a sneaker of each brand, and I bought a Fila Disruptor these days and I’m still getting used to walking with them because their really high. This one is really high as well, most sneakers have a flat outsole and these sneakers with a high outsole that are coming out now are a whole nother story.

Setting aside brands, models, what do sneakers mean to you?

pedroTo me they’re composition, I can pull off my entire look with just my sneakers you know? Sometimes I wear my boots our regular shoes, but I don’t feel quite like myself when I put something together with my sneakers. I’m really into mixing social with sportswear, mixing up different styles and putting together things my way.

Like what I’m wearing today, if you look up the different decades of clothes, their all from completely different moments. Sneakers from the early 2000s, social pants from the 20s, a sweater from the 90s with a jacket from the 80s, not to mention the beanie and the belt that are both elements of punk rock. It’s a crazy individual composition, and sometimes I don’t know how they look good together, but they do! (laughs).

Why did you pick this Reebok for this interview today?

pedroFirst because of the personal story, for the fact that for who loves sneakers, and has always had sneakers as a form of expression and when you grow up you have the chance to work with that brand, there’s no way you won’t show that off.

Being part of their communication team, I was able to put a little of myself in them, just like they put it in me when I wear these sneakers. This last year that I worked with them changed my professional life, it brought me new and unique challenges that made me look at fashion and communication in a completely different way. That’s why I chose them.

And also because they the sneakers of the moment, super futuristic look and to me mixes both past and present in one shoe. They tell the story of the 90s and of what we imagined as the future at that time, telling us what we live in the streets today but with what in fact didn’t happen, got it? (laughs)

Besides all that, I had them on during my first meetings at Reebok and during all that I did for Reebok this past year, I had them on during super important moments.

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