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Öus Maestro KL Jay Öus Maestro KL Jay
08—09—2017 Photos by: Kickstory
Bruno Narciso
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In 2016, @ous_oficial, released a sneaker in partnership with Mestre @kljaydeejay, that represents his history and personality. Having participated in the creation process of the shoe, the DJ used colors inspired by his turntables and vegan materials, since he does not consume anything of animal origin. We spoke with Bruno, one of the founders of Öus and creator of the design of the brands famous patented boxes. He has already developed 5 of them, and he told us about the process of creating the boxes and the sneakers.

“My name is Bruno Narciso. I skateboard since I was little, I started when I was 10 or 11 years old. I’m one of the founders of Öus alongside of Rafael. We both work on the administrative area and I follow closely the designs, products and the brand’s releases. Beside all that, I’m responsible for the design of Öus shoe boxes. It was some natural that happened within the company, I created the first box right before the brand’s release, and it worked really well, we got a good feedback, so I kept on making other ones.”

Bruno, what’s your relationship with sneakers in general?

brunoI always skateboarded, and sneakers have been a fundamental piece for that – It’s endurance, the board feel on moves. And it’s also a fundamental part of the life style, actual style and wearing the sneakers you like. So to me there is the functional aspect of the sneaker and there is also the fact that it represents you, with your sneakers you can show a little bit of who you are. I don’t think you can judge a person by what she is wearing, but a person can be wearing sneakers and expressing herself, maybe only to herself.

And what’s your relationship with this sneaker in particular?

brunoThis sneaker right here is the collab between Öus and KL Jay, the meaning of this collab to everyone here at Öus was that even before it happened he already wore our brand. We saw him in a magazine wearing a Öus hat, a hoodie, and we really digged that he had this appreciation for the brand.

Because of some friends in common we were able to get in touch with him, and bring him over here to Öus. We gave him some shoes, talked about how we saw him wearing our stuff. He even talked about some products that he liked, and the idea of doing a collab came up. Once the collab was sealed, Me, Rafael and Nathan, were involved in the whole process since the beginning. The cool thing was that KL jay as a way of working that is just like ours at Öus – he doesn’t eat anything that comes from animals – and most skating shoes are usually made with leather our suede, and since we are a skating brand our sneakers are usually made with those materials. So from the start he said that he didn’t want those materials, since he knew we made vegan sneakers.

He chose the materials and the colors of the sneakers – gray and black – to resemble his records. We thought it was pretty cool to have that connection with his story as a DJ, because the sneaker itself tells a story. I’ve always been a big fan of Racionais and KL Jay, just like a lot of people here at Öus, so it was a big surprise having him around here because, we were all “consumers” of KL Jay. It was really cool of him to join us in this project.

Now let’s talk about the boxes, what’s your processes for creating them?

brunoI don’t go through any specific process for creating them. I have a degree in administration, so I’ve never worked with or studied design. The process was just cutting and glueing pieces of cardboard. The idea is to stop doing more of the same, and it might be a cliche but here, we try to do everything as different as we can from other brands, but at the same time we use just  the same amount of paper and resources as a regular box.

We want to create an experience for  the consumer, we have that in our DNA here at Öus – innovation. We create new stories, the brand has a big need for it because as a company we have to always be on the look for innovation and standing out. Here we make all the products, and most of the projects is to make a new things, stuff that is ours. We make stuff in here so they can go out into the world.

And there are more boxes coming out,  new stuff coming soon.

Öus Maestro KL Jay
Owner: Bruno Narciso
Made in: 2016
Photos by: Kickstory


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