Fernanda Castro Fernanda C.

Fernanda Castro

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low
06—17—2017 Photos by: Kickstory
Fernanda Castro

“My name is Fernanda and I’m 27 years old. I work at a bank as a system analyst and I have a degree in chemistry. I like going out, listening to music, going to shows and I live in São Paulo since I was born.”

Fernanda, what’s your relationship with sneakers?

fernandaTo me sneakers have been around since I was born, ever since I was little I wore them. I studied at a catholic school, where you could only wear white shoes, and I hate white shoes because they always get dirty. Later, they changed the rules and allowed all black shoes, and since then I only wear black sneakers in my life,. All of my sneakers are black.

I feel relaxed with them, and since I work with a suit, it’s not every time I get to put on sneakers. And they are the only shoes that don’t give me smelly feet, wearing social shoes sucks because you have to put powder in them and etc. With sneakers you only need to throw on some socks and that’s it. I am myself with sneakers on, when I put on social shoes my personality changes and I become more formal. (Laughs)

The problem is that every sneaker I like, there’s black in men sizes but not in women’s sizes, I get so mad! It’s as if women don’t use black, right? It pissess me off!  There’s always pink, blue, gray, but never in black.

And what’s your relationship with this All Star?

fernandaThis is my second All Star, my first one I got when I was 13. I liked them so much I didn’t wear them at school, I only wore them on the weekends. I felt relaxed with them, I was a metalhead  at the time so I would go to Galeria do Rock and felt great with them.

They got so old that I had to get the second one, when I was around 20, and I made sure that it was the exact same one, I even got a bit worried because they started to go out of line at the time, so I had to search for them in many websites. So on Christmas my grandma asked me what I wanted get for a present and I said “I want these sneakers!” And she said “ are you sure? You don’t want a different one?”  And I said “no I want these, the same ones.”

I have these now for 7 years. He went through college with me, I’ve been through lockouts with them, dropped chemical products on them, they’re all beat up, faded and green right? All the shows from my favorite bands I went with them, I worked in a lab with them, I met my boyfriend with them, these sneakers stay on my feet – they’re practically like a second layer of my feet. I don’t do anything without them, they’re so cool. (Laughs)

I adore them, they’re my special ones. I bought a new one but I don’t use them (laughs). They’re not like this All Star, they’re more “skate style”, all black also. But this one, every time I see them in the closet I can’t resist them.

Do you have any specific story to tell with them?

fernandaThey’ve gone with me through all my college crises, because I studied at USP it was straight up dirt, I think that one of the reasons for its correct color. While I studied there there was a serious internal lockout, and when the army got there, you know, gas bombs flying everywhere, and me, with these sneakers trying to escape from it all. I wasn’t even in the lockout I just wanted to catch my bus to go home.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
Owner: Fernanda Castro
Bought: 2009
Size: BR34/US6
Photos by: Kickstory


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