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Ilan Fiszbejn

Nike Air Max 90 Infrared Nike Air Max 90 Infrared
03—24—2017 Photos by: Kickstory
Ilan Fiszbejn

Ilan, what’s your relationship with sneakers?

IllanDude, I’ve been crazy about sneakers since I was a kid. Not just sneakers, it started out with soccer cleats, and then it moved on to sneakers. I think it was because when you are in school and you have your uniform on, the only thing that sets you apart from the rest is your sneakers. So I always wanted to have like the dopest sneakers, even the really hyped ones sometimes.

But latter on it became part of my identity, like not having what everybody had. Sneakers help you build your own identity. Sneakers help you build your own identity, when you add all your other references and mix them together into one.

Do you think sneakers are the most important thing you put on, to create your identity?

IlanIt’s a set of things, but sneakers really say a lot about you man. I really really think they do.

A sneaker can tell so many stories, it really defines who someone is, doesn’t it.

IlanExactly! People judge you by your sneakers (laughs). It sucks when you put it like that, but if a person stands in front of you, she’s gonna size you up starting from your sneakers and then she goes up.

And what’s your relationship with this Air Max 90?

ilanI woke up early to buy these sneakers. In theory it was the first line for a release here in Brazil, and there were a lot of people, me and another guy (laughs). Back then sneaker culture in Brazil was only beginning, everything we have today, we didn’t have back then, like the Air Max day that’s happening right now with all these releases. Back then the Infrared was out, and only who was in the sneaker game knew about it, and went after it.

Do you have any specific story to tell with them?

ilanIt’s really cool how sneakers helps you to make friends, I met Marcelo at this line and we’ve been friends ever since, and Ricardo from SneakersBR, who back then was just starting his website, when there was nothing about sneaker culture. So we became a group of friends, and that group started to grow alongside the sneaker culture. With people being more and more into sneakers , it became what it is today. Something natural that took its proportion way beyond what we could have imagined.

Because, back in the day it was like “oh, I want these fresh kicks that you can only get abroad” and know everyone can get them.

Nike Air Max 90 Infrared
Bought: 2008
Size: BR40/US8.5
Photos by: Kickstory


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