adidas Harden Vol. 5 Futurenatural Harden Vol. 5
adidas Harden Vol. 5 Futurenatural

adidas Harden Vol. 5 Futurenatural

The Harden Vol.5 Futurenatural was the model worn by Brooklyn Nets's James Harden during 2021.


With a completely new look, the Vol.5 brings back one of the most highlighted characteristics of Harden’s line and a key factor to him: a sneaker that can be rocked on and off the court.

The sneaker is covered by a patter of paint splatter-like elements, possibly hinting at Harden’s creative side, not only on his game but with his connection with fashion. The splatter scheme changes according to the writing on the medial side of the shoe which says: Vol.5 / Chapter 1 – Creator. Each chapter has its own graphic scheme.

Adidas brings forth two new technologies with this model: the Futurenatural technology – a one-piece fused upper made from scans of millions of athlete’s feet, and molded over the “perfect” basketball last, heat-welded into a one-piece upper that goes down to the outsole.

But the highlight of the shoe is probably the cushioning system made as a drop-in Midsole – when the sneaker itself is an empty shell, and all the cushioning tech is built as a “sock liner” that goes inside the sneaker. It consists of a thick light strike insole encapsulating a thinner layer of boost that sits directly under your foot, giving you a softer ride but without losing energy return.

Thanks, adidas Brazil for sending these our way, we really appreciate it
*Animation, illustration, and photos by Ian Homem de Mello (Kickstory) – all rights reserved.*

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