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adidas Deerupt Pride adidas Deerupt Pride
07—27—2018 Photos by: Pérola Dutra
Kaique Brasileiro
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Kaique is PR and has already had his own fashion column on MTV Brazil portal. Connecting people with brands, traveling and working with clients from different countries, Kaique is, in his own words “a person who is thirsty to create and willing to give voice to people who have the potential to change the world”. For this Kickstory interview, he was wearing the adidas originals Deerupt Pride Pack, a sneaker made to celebrate the LGBT pride month and put in question a super important subject thats still has to be addressed in 2018.

“My name is Kaique Brasileiro – and yes that’s my actual last name – I’m 23 years old. Today I work with Public Relations and I have a few clients in Brazil, in the US and in Europe especially in Paris and Spain. My mission is to connect brands with the coolest people in the cities, that work with fashion, music, art, and dance. I started working when I was 16 and since then I’ve done a bit of everything – from journalism and press accessory to Styling and fashion production. Having worked with all those things gave me a pretty good knowledge of the fashion world, I used to cover a lot of fashion weeks, music festivals always focused on street style. Today I see myself as someone who is thirsty to create and to give voice to those who have the potential to change the world.”

“Nobody wants to be tied to a single place anymore. We live in a capital with a million things happening all the time, as we are sitting here there are 4 cultural events happening in the city, it’s really bad for you to be stuck inside an office, while your head is bubbling know what’s going on in the world out there.”


How did you make your way, from your Tumblr all the way till today?

KaiqueThe first thing I did was create a Tumblr that talked about alternative music. I would take stuff that nobody knew and I would I would post it on this blog. One day MTV found me, and they already followed me, they liked my style and they asked if I was interested in writing about fashion on their portal – at that time there were only fashion bloggers, and nobody to talk about male fashion. It was amazing, it opened a lot of doors for me to meet some really cool people, inside and outside of MTV.

Right after that, I got invited to be an international correspondent for one of the biggest fashion portals in Chile, the Viste La Calle, and I’ve been in collaboration with them until today. As crazy as it seems I think that the other countries in Latin America are really interested in what’s going on in Brazil. because whether you like it or not we are a big hub of everything that happens in big capitals like New York, Paris, Seul, Milan and I think that these countries see us as this center that exports trends to the world. They are very curious to know about fashion in Brazil, what we are wearing and etc, even so, because fashion in Chile is very conceptual. My work with Viste La Calle is to bring what happens here, to them, speaking closely to the readers of the site, that is also a printed magazine.

In these first two years, I met a lot of cool people, which brought me closer to people that were at the front of brands. My work opened a lot of doors to people here in Brazil and out there, that I would never have imagined that I could open. I started really small, in my room, just for fun, then out of nowhere “boom” – and today I live entirely of this, it’s really good when your work depends only on you. Today I can’t work from inside a company anymore, inside an office, and I think our generation is walking towards this, nobody wants to be tied to a single place anymore. We live in a capital with a million things happening all the time, as we are sitting here there are 4 cultural events happening in the city, it’s really bad for you to be stuck inside an office, while your head is bubbling know what’s going on in the world out there.

Where did your interest in streetwear come from?

KaiqueMy mom and my dad have always been big Rap and Hip Hop fans. In the beginning, I wasn’t a fan because I would wake up at 7 am with RZO blasting in max volume, even the walls would shake it was so loud (laughs). It was the same thing with Racionais, they had their entire CD collection, they were really big fans. I’ve always been close to the music world, my mom had friends that were musicians and through that, I started to get in to and research more about Hip Hop and Rap. I started getting deeper and deeper, and I started looking at what the guys were wearing – not only what they wore but the whole lifestyle.

As a lot of people know, a lot of whats trending right now came from the Rappers in the US and till today they set the trend and what we’re going to be wearing. Especially here in Brazil, we have the Ceia boys, that I can say, are the biggest influencers in the Rap scene, setting consumer trends and tendencies – people who follow them want to eat where they eat, want to have what they have, want to hang with who they hang with. That’s something that really opened my mind because I thought that influencers where only bloggers that talked about fashion, lifestyle, but today I can see that, that’s not the case.

I did a talk at Converse for the Latin America marketing team, and they were having a hard time understanding how to talk to the final client. Even with the brand being a popular taste for consumers, they are always releasing new stuff that was going unnoticed. One of the things I talked about was something I also always say in my work: the question we have to make when we’re thinking as a brand is not “how” I’m going to speak to my final client, but “who” I’m going to use as my voice to the final client, that’s what’s really important. You can give voice to your brand through a completely different lifestyle, making you leave the office and go to the streets through somebody else so you can speak to your final clients.

This creates a sentimental connection, in general society has been needy, and people have the need to fill hugged in someway. When you’re able to reach your final consumer with some emotional connection, that relates to his life story, with some sort of struggle or achievement, he creates a very strong bond with the brand, you know?

“We’re are living at a very propitious time to talk about the subjects this pack stands for.”


What’s your relationship with sneakers in general?

KaiqueIt came through my mom at a very early age, because she always loved sneakers, and always loved street fashion. The first thing she bought with her first paycheck was an Adidas Superstar, that lasted a lot of years. This really stuck to me because she wore them for so long, and she took real good care of them. Then she passed them on to my aunt, that passed them on to my cousin that also wore them for a long time, those sneakers have been through two generations! Unfortunately, they didn’t make all the way to me, but my first pair of sneakers were also Adidas Superstars, and since then I’ve had a real close relationship with sneakers.

When I’m talking to someone the first thing I look at is their sneakers, it’s not judging or anything, but I think sneakers really translates the person’s personality, you can create an entire image just by looking at their sneakers. I deal with people daily, it’s my job.

What’s your relationship with this Adidas Deerupt Pride?

kaiqueI always go for two main things: technology and comfort. I’m a big fã of the NMDs because they’re the most comfortable shoe I’ve put on, and I’ve put on a lot of shoes. The Deerupt gives me the sensation of putting on the NMD, at the same time their a little tighter, structured and the foot stays just right inside.

But I chose the Pride Pack because we’re are living at a very propitious time to talk about the subjects this pack stands for. Regardless of your orientation ou options, it’s a cause for all of us. Prejudice is still very present, and we still have a lot of problems in regards to this differentiation people so like to do. This affects society in general, it would be so great if we could just live in harmony regardless of other people’s choices, you know? Be happy your own way and let other be their way. I’m very happy to own this collection, every year I insist on getting them because I think it’s a big moment of reflection.

“Be happy your own way and let other be their way.”


Maybe by wearing these clothes and these sneakers, people might look, see the flag, and might reflect on something that she might not have if I wasn’t wearing it, so wherever I go I plant a tiny seed of reflection. We have been seeing a lot of bad news, like harassments because of the World Cup, a lot of LGBTs being killed around the world, prejudice everywhere, and a bunch of ridiculous stuff happening, and to see people actually agreeing to this behavior is unacceptable. So my choice is for the Pride Month and all the manifestations that are going on – the more people that can fight and raise flag for a cause, even if it’s not our own cause, it’s wonderful.

Another thing that I really liked about the Pride Pack was that Adidas partnered up with Casa 1, a center that shelters and supports LGBTs in situations of risk – they promote workshops, lectures, and a bunch of actions to give social support to them.

Do you have any stories with them?

kaiqueThey’re quite new, it’s been only days, they’re just newborns. But just the fact that I can put them on and leave the house wearing them, knowing that Brazil is still a country filled with prejudice, it’s a start.

Adidas Deerupt Pride
Owner: @kaique
Bought: 2018
Photos by: Pérola Dutra


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