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01—26—2018 Photos by: Kickstory
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Leticia  has already worked with sales for brands like Chilli Beans, Zara, Nike and Multimarcas. A sneaker addict, she began to fall in love because of comfort and went head-first into this world after learning more about technology.

“My name is Leticia and I’m 24 years old. I’ve always worked with sales, I started as a production assistant but I found out it was very indoors kind of job, all day at an office, I didn’t really like it. So I moved to sales, the first place I worked with was at Chilli Beans, everything was really frenetic, and it was a good time because it happened before the crisis hit. Then moved to clothing sales at Zara. I started as a part-time employee, turned to a fixed employee and worked there for 2 years. After that, I left for Osklen, a multi-brand store for playboys.

And later on, I got the most beautiful proposal, I went to work at Nike which was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I never saw myself working with sportswear and I always wanted to work with these brands, I just never thought it would happen. I first got in as sales but then moved to visual merchandising which was a challenge, but I always liked this area.”

Leticia, what’s your relationship with sneakers?

leticiaConfort right! Is what I really look for because before I didn’t know much about the technology on sneakers and stuff. I rocked a lot of Vans, actually I still do, but that flat silhouette is really hard on your feet. And because they’re chubby, they hurt too much. Then I started to study more about sneakers and that’s when I started liking them, every day I had more love, more desire to know more about each technology.

Do you remember the moment you started to like Sneakers?

leticiaIt was with a New Balance, at the time just like today, Air Maxs were whats up, but I loved this sneaker and because of it I started to have a greater affection for the brand. I got it from my godmother, which makes everything more special. The only thing though was that because it was a narrower sneaker, it still hurt my foot a bit.

And why did you choose this Air Max Plus for today’s photoshoot?

leticiaIncredible as it may seem, this sneaker is extremely comfortable, to wear it casually or even in a gym, unlike other ones I have. Its silhouette really drew my attention as well, his cushioning is fantastic, the Air Max Plus is a slap in the face of ’97s. He is literally fantastic.

Do you have any stories with them?

leticiaFor people who live in Brazil, we always dream about those sneakers that will drop here. I got a bit scared for with this Air Max because I thought they reminded me a bit of the Nike Shox and I had a bad image of them, but I still wanted to give it a try. Bought them and today they’re one of my favorites!

Nike Air Max Plus
Owner: Leticia
Bought: 2017

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