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Marcio Sallowicz

 Adidas Superstar II Adidas Superstar II
12—08—2017 Photos by: Kickstory
Marcio Sallowicz
Interview # 70

Marcio Sallowicz is a photographer, adman and graphic designer. He has had his own stodio since 1987, having worked with fashion before that, he now has his work more focused in advertising, products and image treatment. Marcio told us about the role of sneakers in his life and how this item became something so functional on his day tonday life.

“I’m a 51-year-old  young man, adman, advertising photographer and  graphic designer as well, but the important thing is to be healthy (laughs). I’ve been working as professional photographer since I was 18, I’ve had my own studio since 1987. I worked for a while with magazine editorials for the Bloch group mainly with fashion, then I moved to publicity, I began to specialise in product, image treatment and character photos.”

Marcio, what’s your relationship with sneakers in general?

marcioI like sneakers because I think they’re functional, comfortable, to me they’re almost the same category as cars – it gets me from A to B (laughs). I think the materials are interesting, the pieces, but mainly the comfort. The object itself attracts me a lot, it’s even part of the history of design itself as an experimentation of shapes and materials, combination with results that brought sneakers a brutal.

I use it a lot in my day to day life, thank God I don’t have to wear a suit every day so I wear sneakers every day. Since it’s part of my daily life, it’s something that I use for sports, to walk on the street, stay at home, in my workshop and so on.

And why did you choose this Superstar for this photoshoot?

marcioThis Adidas I bought a long time ago, I don’t know exactly when it was but surely it’s over 6 years old. I bought it in the United States for the looks of it, but I thought it was very comfortable and even a discreet sneaker – I want to wear sneakers but sometimes I can’t arrive at a client wearing sneakers and with these, I can pull it off.

What got to me the most about this sneaker was its materials, being made out of leather and for being very discreet and comfortable.

Adidas Superstar II
Owner: Marcio Sallowicz

Photos by: Kickstory


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