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New Balance 574 Barista New Balance 574 Barista
03—07—2019 Photos by: Pérola Dutra
Your ID
Interview # 132

This weeks interview is with the Brand Your ID to talk about the new NB 574 Barista sneaker, a collaboration with New Balance.

Adilson, Bruno, Cris, and Kym talked to us about the process of creating a sneaker based on the world of coffee along with an international brand. We took this opportunity to learn more about Studios Coffee and what Your ID is preparing for 2019.

Cris: “I’m Cris and I’m the brand manager for Your ID and DJ in my spare time. I’ve been working at Your ID since 2012.”

Adilson: “I’m Adilson, I’m the buyer for Your ID and I’ve been here since 2010.”

Kym: “I’m Kym and I’m responsible for Your ID’s social media. I started working here in 2015.”

Bruno: “I’m Bruno Azzolini, I’m designer and responsible for creation area at Your ID. I’ve been here since 2010, I’ve been here the longest.”

Last year you guys did this really special collab with New Balance Brasil, how was your relationship with them?

KymThe flirting we had with New Balance releasing a collaboration in Brazil that would reach the ears of the guys from abroad, the entire process took about a year and a half. We had a lot of talks with them and a lot of back and forth. But we always had a good relationship with them, there was always this possibility of having a collab, but the project would only happen if we had the GO  from New Balance Global HQ.

The release and sales were 100% in Brazil – because they only sold here at the store and on our website –  it was very limited. And it was really cool to see this collab on a lot of international sneaker portals.

Was New Balance Global involved in this project in any way?

KymThey gave the project OK. we did a presentation explaining who we were and what was our involvement with the brand. Last year was the 574’s birthday, and they took the entire year to do collaborations with that silhouette, so it was even harder for us to get them to approve this collab. We made them a very elaborate project explaining all the details in specifying the materials so they could approve. We sent them 10 models and drawings for their approval, so we could make a sample and Etc, it was a long project.

And did the four of you took part in the creation process of the sneaker?

CrisYes, all of us. Last year was Your ID’s 8th birthday, so during the year, we did a lot of different projects. This project with New Balance was the icing on the cake – the sneaker dropped at the end of the year and at the same time we opened Studios Coffee – it was the year of big celebrations for Your ID.

KymIt’s important to say that we as part of Your ID, as a group, took care of the entire project from beginning to end. From who we were going to send it to, to the look and feel, to the displays, videos, art directing, the little things like stickers, special seeding Packaging, and monks; all of it was developed here at home with the hand of everyone.

“We also put on the table for New Balance to bring some stuff that they never worked with –  from materials to applications – it was really interesting.”


How much freedom did you guys have for this collaboration?

KymComplete freedom. We thought an idolized stuff that we thought was cool to see in the sneaker,  then together with the girl that handles product over at New Balance, we would discuss what we could actually do or not. Because sometimes, you might want something that’s not really doable.

BrunoWe also put on the table for New Balance to bring some stuff that they never worked with –  from materials to applications – it was really interesting. We had some limitations but we tried to push and “fight” our way so we could do some new stuff.

KymA lot of people had some doubts about the shape that the shoe was produced here in Brazil.  Because the shape that’s produced in Asia is not the same made in England or made in the USA. So we talked to some 574  collectors, and what I was afraid of, was that when we had to approve the sample it would look completely different from the one from the other countries. But thank God everything worked out fine, from what I’ve heard people talking our shape was one of the best 574 made out there aside from USA and England.

CrisAll and manufacturing is national,  it’s 100% made in Brazil.

Before the collab, did you guys already have the intent of transforming Your ID Studios into Studios Coffee?

CrisEver since we got this face the idea was to transform it into what it is now. But because of other things going on in the group like opening and reforming stores, this idea was postponed. But when this coffee themed collaboration came up we saw the necessity of speeding up the process, so basically they’re remaking off the space and the shoe we’re happening at the same time. But we never really made this clear because the space ended up taking different forms, at one time it was a pop-up store for other brands, we held events and Etc. With the same DNA that we have today which is music, art, and now, also coffee.

And how did you guys come up with the theme coffee for this collaboration?

KymWe had a lot of internal discussions so that when we went to New Balance, we would have a silhouette and a story very well tied up. Because insect, what we really wanted was for the sneaker to have a story that would relate with us, but at the same time, step away from all this obvious stuff we have already seen out there. And, when you’re talking about coffee,  you’re talking about a bunch of stuff – about emotion, the day-to-day, the people and so on. We spread out the entire universe involving coffee, and that’s why this shoe has so many different colors and materials.

This whole story worked out really good, and it was funny to see the entire process all the way to how it turned out in the end, and the impact it had on a global level.  We cannot stress this enough because it’s really hard for this to happen – how hard it is for a national collaboration produced entirely in Brazil to have this boom – till today we have like, I don’t know, people from Lithuania asking for the shoes or something like that.

Out of the entire creation process, what was the hardest part for you guys? And how long it takes from when you sent the technical sheet until you have the sample in your hands?

KymIt was 55 days from when we sent the first technical sheet until we got the first sample. We would ask for samples to be sent in twos, cuz if it didn’t work out in one of them we would try on the other. And that was the hardest part, the waiting. We would send six technical sheets and just pray it would work out. Then, later on, we would get six different samples with different colors, so we would pick the ones that look the best, and that’s how it went.

BrunoI think the hardest part was choosing between the two final versions.

KymYes! And the worst part was that we were out of time because they said “we have these two, and we’re not going to make any more samples. So if you make any alterations is going to be a shot in the dark”. It was kind of scary right, but Indian we just made a few little changes that wouldn’t really affect the final product. Just so you guys can have an idea, we got the sneakers only 20 days before the release event. There were a hundred pairs in our stock, and we had to open every single box to make sure everything was okay with the chew, if everyone had the extra laces or if there was any lace tips missing and Etc. It was crazy but in the end, it all worked out.

And what are the plans for Your ID in 2019

Criswe created the Your ID Artist Series within Your ID, it’s a new project which we want to use throughout the entire year. The first one was with SHN, there’s another one coming out soon with Titi Freak, which is going to be over in Japan. In 2019 we really want to explore this platform even more because we can create new stuff with this content.  So in 2019, there’s going to be a lot of this audiovisual stuff involving this space and the world of coffee. Both of these themes always hand in hand.

New Balance x Your ID 574 Barista 
Created: 2018
Interviewed: KymBrunoAdilson and Cris
Photos by: Pérola Dutra


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