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Agatha Fabiano

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
04—19—2017 Photos by: Kickstory
Agatha Fabiano

“I’m Agatha, I’m 22 years old, good looking and very happy. I’m of scorpio, born in November, and what am I? I’m happy! Thanks God. I’m working with fashion at the moment with two stylists that are really cool, I love what I do, and I’m also getting a degree in the area. But before I got in the world of fashion, I played the violin, and that’s what I did for my first and only tattoo, for now. Besides that, I have a degree in logistics and technology.
I’m from a family that has a military father and a very chill mother, and they’re super cool with everything. They always supported me, and never held me back on anything, never held me back on my dreams. The only thing they taught me was to be respectful to people, which is cool. I’m a total Nerd, I love video games. Agatha would trade a night out for some videos games and series, lots of games and lots of series.”

Agatha, what’s your relationship with sneakers?

agathaI love sneakers because they’re  super comfortable, the most comfortable and practical thing in the world. And to those people that say that women should wear heels and flats, that kind of stuff, I tell them to “F” themselves. I can’t wear heels all day knowing that I could be wearing sneakers, awesome and stylish. I remember when I used to go to military events, my mom would always say to me ” Agatha put on these shoes here” and I would be like “Mom I don’t want to put them on, I want to wear my sneakers”. About five years ago I was madly in love with Converse All Stars, and my dad always told me they were too expensive, so I was never able to have my cute little All Stars. Besides, I wanted the leather ones, just like the ones in these photos here. (Laughs) Only when I got my first job, was I able to afford them. I like converse All Stars because they are very basic and cute at the same time. Even though there are like really different ones that are just fucking insane, there even this one with the zipper that I’m in love with, but one day I’ll buy it.

And what’s your relationship with this Converse?

agathaLike I said before, it was with my first decent salary, that I was able to buy them and still keep some cash. I always wanted this leather one, and back in the day, everyone had one, except me. So I thought to myself, “Dude, I need one of these because their black and basic, and they go with all my clothes. I need them!” So with my third salary, I bought them. I was so happy I wore them to work, but my boss hated them because he doesn’t like All Stars, he wanted me to buy Adidas.

Do you have any specific story to tell with them?

agathaThis All-Star has been thru some much: It has gone thru the end of my last relationship, which was pretty “cool” since the guy a total nerd, and was always on the computer instead of with being with me. So I started to go out a lot with theses sneakers, and I left my ex. He helped me to learn more about myself. That’s why he’s all fucked up, I wore him to so many nightclubs in Rua Augusta, as well in Yacht gay parties because I only hang out with gays now, I can’t handle straight men anymore. There’s something else that happened to me with these sneakers when I went to the Baile Dona Dora, the first really crazy party I went to, that was for straight people and that played Brazilian music. There was this guy I met at the store that said: “I want you to work with me, but first I want to take you to a party, it’s on me, we’ll go together.” I got to the party and I didn’t know anybody there, buy the way I love going to places by myself. It was a Saturday, I left the store around 8 pm wearing only a black dress and the makeup I had on. Blue lipstick and my hair was purple at the time. I was so happy till I got to the party and there was only beautiful little rich girls, staring at me from top to bottom all like “who’s this chick with sneakers?”. They were all wearing heels and cute little flats, and there I was, the only black girl with sneakers till then, I don’t want to be prejudiced or anything, but it was something that was stuck in my head. I was there all alone thinking “What now?” It was tense because I didn’t know anyone and it was the first time I went out alone, and everyone was staring at me. It was paying samba-rock Brazilian music, and I always want to dance like crazy. But then it started playing “Olhos Coloridos” which I totally love, and it was kind of related to what was going on, like everyone staring at me, but kinda wanted to be me. So I said “fuck it!”, and went to the middle of the dance floor and just started dancing like crazy, and everyone stepped back and started looking at me, it was so funny. (laughs). I danced till the next day.

After that, a lot of people came up to me to talk and it was awesome, I met a lot of people that night that are my friends till today. And now every time that party is on, the guy that invited me, tells me “Agatha, you have to go, you’re the main attraction, there’s is no party without you.”  I was on the video from the last party, sambando and dancing with my beautiful All-Star. He’s quite famous now. And of course, I always wear my sneakers.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Black Leather
Agatha Fabiano
Bought: 2016
Size: BR38/US8.5
Photos by: Kickstory


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