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Adidas Stan Smith Adidas Stan Smith
12—02—2017 Photos by: Bruna Hissae
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Stan Smith is one of Adidas greatest classics, carrying a lot of history and for that reason was the sneaker chosen by Asindayle. She also told us about her passion for the city of São Paulo and how she is always in search of trends, news styles and culture in general.

“My name is Asindayle Apangesy, I’m 23 years old, I work with Public Relations, I live in São Bernardo Do Campo but I’m usually in São Paulo. I think is important to contextualize where my name comes from, as you may have noticed it’s not a very common name (laughs), it’s a Nigerian name of the Yoruba dialect – Asin means queen and Ayle means home, Apangesy means this queen’s splendor.

I love my profession, I really like what I do, I think it has a lot to do with my lifestyle on a day to day bases, I work with communication since 2011, that’s six years now. I want to work with marketing as well, I’m playing on doing a postgraduate on the subject. Meanwhile, I try to stay tuned with  everything new., I’m the type of person that likes to stay tuned, I like to stay tuned to everything and know whats going on, what people are saying or what’s the next trend out there.”

Asindayle, what’s your relationship with sneakers in general?

asindayleI always lived away from the places I would go to, so I always tried to stay equipped – like I was going out on an adventure. When I leave São Bernardo, I have to take several different public transportations until I get to the place I want to go, so I need to stay comfortable, chill and not have to worry about the clothes or sneakers I’m wearing. You hardly see a person with this lifestyle, using heels.

So besides how a sneaker looks, which is something I really appreciate, it has a lot to do with it being comfortable – that is something that I definitely look for in a sneaker, to be carefree and not have my feet aching or feeling uncomfortable because of them.

And what’s your relationship with this Stan Smith?

AsindayleIt is a classic Adidas sneaker and a very versatile one – it’s the most versatile out of all the ones I have at home, whenever I’m not sure what sneaker to wear, I choose the Stan Smith. Because I know that with them I won’t have any problems, they will always go with what I’m wearing. You can rock them on more premium occasions, in sophisticated environments and but you can also use them at a more chill moment. It’s a very clean sneaker and comfortable, I can have them on during several moments of my life because I’m at a lot of places all the time.

I think its story is very cool too, it’s a sneaker that belongs to a very famous tennis player that has a very good relationship with Adidas. This model already existed but with another name, and then was named Stan Smith as a tribute to him, to have a sneaker with your face and your name on it, has to be awesome right? The story that Adidas and Stan tells us is what brings such meaning to this sneaker. It came from back in the 80’s and now it has returned as a very key piece of fashion, you can go to a lot of places and you’ll see Stan Smiths in most of them.

Our generation has changed, we were able to insert sneakers in the coolest moments that it would have never been a part of before, we were able to bring this back again. Now you can wear sneakers anywhere because it has reinvented itself, it brings back history, moments, things from the past so we can write the future, so I think that’s it, it’s this relation of bringing things back – especially Adidas right? Again, in the 80’s this sneaker was a very iconic piece when Hip-Hop came out, and today we bring that back and make it into a key piece of clothing.

Do you have a specific story with them?

asindayleIt has always accompanied me to many places specifically because of its versatility. For example, I went to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics and I couldn’t take a lot of stuff with me, so I used them every single day, but I had to use the boost as well right? But I had the Stan Smiths on during the coolest moments, like shows and parties, but also in my day-to-day life, he was always with me. Another important moment was that I was that I had them on during my job interview for Press Pass.

The Stan Smith was the first Adidas that I bought with my own money, and I was very proud of it because I got financially independent, I organized myself and bought them.

And why did you choose Paulista as the location for this photoshoot?

asindayleI’m a person who spends most of the time working, so since my day to day is being a cool hunter, researching and finding new trends and so on, I do not have time to do all that – I don’t have a switch in my head that goes “now I’m going to work” because if I’m going through my Instagram timeline, I’m already working. Because I’m a PR person, I’m interacting with people all the time, doing this interview for you guys is work for me too because I’m relating to you guys.

So I chose Paulista because I work near here and I really like this building aesthetic, financial centers, and big city madness. It’s a good space for being among people, you find a plurality of very large places, you can live and circulate well here and in my case, I need an escape, that’s the moment that I return to São Bernardo.

I’m fascinated by music, I’m always listening to something, music reminds me of the city, every moment that I listen to a type of music I can create a picture in my head and bring something new. And here in Paulista, there is a lot of that. Here is where I can do it all, it’s like a hub where I can go, do my thing, solve myself, relate, meet new people, work, get with my friends to have a beer and then I go back home to the calmness of my city.

Adidas Stan Smith
Dona: Asindayle
Owner: 2015
Photos by: Bruna Hissae


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