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Nike Free Run Mid Nike Free Run Mid
11—10—2017 Photos by: Kickstory
Felipe Camazano
Interview # 64

Felipe Camazano is a physical education student and works at @lescinqgym. Being always involved with sport, he was a professional soccer player but nowadays his passion lies in running. This Nike Free Run has run more than 300 km and in this interview Felipe talks more about it and his relation with sneakers in general!

“My name is Felipe Camazano, I’m 28 years old and I’ve always been connected to sports. I played professional soccer as goalkeeper for A.C. Chievo Verona and because of that, I lived in Italy for 3 years. Then I had the opportunity to go to college in the US and when I finished I came back to Brazil. Now I study physical education and work at a gym.”

Felipe, what’s your relationship with sneakers in general?

felipeSneakers represent a lot of a person’s personality, it’s the thing that reflects a person’s style the most. You know if the person is well dressed or not, just by the sneakers they’re wearing – what’s the point of wearing a cool outfit if your sneakers are wack (laughs). It starts from the feet.

I own about 20 pairs of sneakers, but most of them are for running since I’ve been running a lot for the last 3 years. I have high tops, low tops, flyknit socks like ones, normal ones, zoom, most of them focused on performance because it’s what I work with. When I’m at the gym my students always look at what I’m wearing, they ask me for advice on what is the best model for running or for some specific workout and etc.

Do you remember when you started liking sneakers?

FelipeIt was in the early 2000’s when 50 Cent would rock some fresh white on whites Air Force 1s on his videos. At the time Air Force 1s were all the hype and some dope basketball ones as well.

What’s your relationship with this Nike Free Run?

felipeWhen I bought them I didn’t even run yet. Later on, when I started running a lot of things changed in my life and I met a lot of interesting people. This is the most used sneaker I have, my first street race was with it, I ran more than 300km already! I use them a lot to go out, but nowadays they’re like my beaters but they’re still my favorites.

The color on these Nikes is something that really got my attention because I thought they were like hiking, for mounting running, and I really liked that. Been a high top it’s an extremely comfortable model and it cups the feet really well.

Nike Free Run Mid
Owner: Felipe Camazano
Bought: 2014

Photos by:Kickstory


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