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Vans Kyle Walker Pro Vans Kyle Walker Pro
11—03—2017 Photos by: Kickstory
Interview # 62

Ferrugem is crazy about Vans. Countless pairs of sneakers, tattoos, knowledge about the brand’s history, no matter what, Bárbara is the biggest Vans fan that Kickstory has met so far. In her interview, she told us more about her craze for the brand and what story made her chose this sneaker for our shooting.

“My name is Barbara, better known as Ferrugem. I’m 22 years old and I work at Vans.”

Ferrugem, what’s your relationship with sneakers in general?

ferrugemI always liked sneakers, always! Since I was a kid I wore high tops All-Stars, actually I think that one of the reasons that the Sk8 hi is my favorite model. And bro, I can’t not wear sneakers; I see girls wearing flats and I think “that looks awful, imagine me wearing something like that?”, because it’s really not my style. One of these days a guy from work came up to me and said: “Why don’t you wear heels? women shouldn’t wear sneakers”. Tell me, why doesn’t he wear heels?

Do you remember when you started liking sneakers so much?

ferrugemWhen I was Emo everybody was wearing high tops or black and white slip on’s; I had a really colorful Nike, it was awful but I really liked it. I think that’s when I started wearing more sneakers.

What’s your relationship with this Kyle Walker?

ferrugemI saw them on Vans’s Instagram page and I went crazy, I thought that I would never get them because I imagined that this model would never come to Brazil. A few days later Vans Brazil posted on their Instagram. I spend a lot on sneakers, I really don’t have a problem with spending money on this, I always work something out, I didn’t pay a bill once just to buy a pair – my phone was blocked for a week.

When they launched here I couldn’t get them because they were only available on Vans and Maze‘s website, and they sold out very fast, only 64 pairs came being that only 4 were 38, which is my size. A while later I saw that they had restocked on Vans website and I was able to buy.

I have a friend that works at Vans, I was always complaining about my job, always tired and stressed out because my job didn’t have anything to do with me. I gave him my CV and two weeks later they called me for an interview. I studied the history of the brand from beginning to end, from 1966 till 2016, I memorized every detail. The interview was at 10 am in Berrine and I live in Guarulhos, I was there at 9 am and I anxiously waited for an hour. I was wearing this Kyle Walker.

When I walked in the room there were three girls to interview me, I got really nervous. One of them asked me if I liked the brand and if I knew its history and I: “Girl you are not feeling me!” I basically put my foot on the table and showed her my Sk8-hi tattoo, and they all thought it was awesome! A few days after she called me and said that I got the job! These are my lucky sneakers, I only wear them on special occasions now, so far I wore them twice: for the Vans interview and for today’s photoshoot.

Vans Kyle Walker Pro Zephyr
Owner: Ferrugem
Bought: 2017

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