Three stories of three adidas Originals adidas
Three stories of three adidas Originals

Three stories of three adidas Originals

adidas invited us to do what we love the most: telling stories.


Our goal was to talk about three classic adidas silhouettes by sharing stories that have made an impact on the lives of collectors of the brand.

adidas Superstar

Created in 1969 for basketball, the Superstar transcended sports and became one of the brand’s greatest classics when embraced by the streets and various cultures. Worn by dancers, musicians, athletes, and anyone looking to add more style to the way they expressed themselves, it solidified itself in the 1980s as an icon of Hip Hop culture.

To talk about the Superstar, we invited Fernando Roberto, a dedicated collector of the model. In the video, we go into the details of Fernando’s seven-year-long search for his adidas Superstar ‘Boston,’ a special 35th-anniversary edition of the brand.

adidas Samba

The Samba was launched in 1949 and is adidas’s oldest silhouette still in production. It originated as an improvement on a soccer boot, undergoing transformations for the 1950 World Cup held in Brazil. Hence, the name Samba, paying homage to the Brazilian musical genre. Over time, the Samba has seen various versions and evolved from being just a soccer cleat to gaining a new life as a casual classic.

Transcending soccer and casual wear, the Samba was also embraced by skateboarding, which is where the story we’re sharing today comes from. Daniele Pretti, despite never having rid a skateboard, has worked in the industry for 22 years and shared with us how she was influenced by skateboarding’s aesthetics and culture. By immersing herself in this world, she witnessed Brazilian skateboarding references grow and evolve, like Rodrigo TX, who designed his own version of the Samba specifically for skateboarding. This is Daniele’s favorite Samba.

adidas Gazelle

The adidas Gazelle has been a fashion icon since its release in 1968. Originally designed as a training shoe and the first suede sneaker with the three stripes, it quickly gained popularity among athletes and fashion enthusiasts due to its elegant design. Over the years, the Gazelle has undergone various versions and evolved into a symbol of urban style, embraced by different subcultures and stars from music and sports.

Marcelo Huang told us that, more than just a sneaker, the adidas Gazelle represents a connection to 90s music and a timeless model. For him, it’s the perfect representation of the fusion of performance with everyday wear, bringing versatility to various outfits. For him, sneakers today are about quality and authenticity, which is why he has the Gazelle in his collection.

So, these are the stories of three collectors who are passionate about these classic silhouettes. Each pair tells a unique story, not just about design and functionality, but of passion, authenticity, and cultural connections.

We are incredibly thankful for you joining us on this journey!

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