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Vans Woody Sk8-Hi Reissue Vans Woody Sk8-Hi Reissue
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Julião Pacheco
Interview # 49

Juliao Pacheco was a producer for #PapoTorto right when the podcast was created, but in his own words he doesn’t like to label himself: “I like to do a bit of everything” and so he transits through several different fronts of communication.

Including his choice of sneakers, since sneakers are a form of expression to him, a way of conveying a message and communicating.

“I’m Julião, I’m 28 years old, journalist, I work with everything that’s connected to communication, I don’t have labels, I like to do a bit of everything. I really like sneakers and I find very interesting the interaction it has with communication because they’re a way for you to communicate and express yourself. When you choose to wear a basic sneaker, like an all black one, something that doesn’t draw too much attention, you are sending a message. When you’re dressed in full black and you have really colorful sneakers that are really out there, you’re sending a different message.”

Julião, what’s your relationship with sneakers in general?

juliãoI really like them for a few reasons: I always like things that were as far from the obvious as possible,- I’m the kind of guy that you would never see wearing some jeans with running shoes you know? I went through a phase where I was really fat, I weighed 150Kg and the only thing that I liked and would fit was the sneakers because your foot stays thin. When I was obese, I couldn’t wear the clothes that I liked, but I could wear any sneaker that I wanted.

It’s funny, I’ve been through so many different sneaker phases, for example, there was a time when I only wore All Stars. Most of my sneakers and boots are High tops, it really is something that I look for when buying shoes – boots that are at least mids. So, for me, sneakers are a form of expression and when I lost weight I kept that to me, but with a new style of clothes.

Tell us a little bit more about how you came to like sneakers so much.

juliãoI think it has a bit to do with my cultural maturation because when you are 15 or 16 years old, you start to get interested in bands, your mom stop buying your clothes, you know? I think sneakers got into that mix and I started being into other things. I started to build my personality and character. I think that was it for me, a personal, emotional and cultural maturation.

And what’s your relationship with this Vans?

JuliãoI’ve always been a fan of Toy Story actually, like Pixar in general. For the last 6 years, I became way more into Vans than before. So in this past year, I bought a lot of Vans, and when the Toy Story pack came out I really liked them. It’s funny because, I didn’t like the other models in the pack, but this one in particular I thought was really dope. The finishing on this sneakers is leather, which is a material they don’t usually use. I have a lot of sneakers but this one is the only one that I get praised on all the time, even though sometimes people don’t even know that they are from Toy Story or even that they are Vans.

I got a strong family connection with this movie, me and my brother were big fans, and Toy Story was something that brought us together when we were kids since we used to fight a lot. When the pack came out I tried to buy it in the US since I had a friend who was there, but the sneaker sold out really quickly. It took around 10 months to release here in Brazil, but when it did I went and bought 2 pairs: one to wear and one to keep put away. So I wouldn’t feel bad about wearing them, if not I would only wear them on special occasions. And I think that sneakers are like that when you really like them you try to take care as best as you can, and they start to get bruised on the sides I just get sad. To me when you have the opportunity to buy two pairs and keep one intact, I think you can let go and really enjoy the sneaker and even use them more.

Do you have a specific story with them?

juliãoTo be honest my life has been kind of crazy for the last 2 to 3 years because a lot of stuff happened. And since I bought this sneaker I never took them off, so everything that went down in my life in these past years they were with me. From me leaving Estadão for Rede Globo, or all the political converge that happened this in the past years etc. Since they are my everyday sneakers, they’ve been through moments that I will carry with me for a long time.

Vans Woody Sk8-Hi Reissue
Owner: Juliao Pacheco
Bought: 2016
Photos. by: Kickstory


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