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Nike Vapormax Nike Vapormax "Off-White"
05—25—2018 Photos by: Pérola Dutra
Lucca Campolina
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Working as a mix of sommelier and marketing, Lucca Campolina is @jamesonwhiskey‘s ambassador in Brazil, formerly having worked in the marketing of @redbull. Lucas is a former Ironman runner, sneakerhead and only dresses in black, he told us about his trajectory within Jameson’s, about the influence of fashion in his life and how a The Ten became a day-to-day sneaker.

“I’m Lucca Campolina, ambassador for Jameson Irish Whiskey in Brazil. I was an athlete when I was younger, I ran the IronMan, I did 14 trials before I got injured. I worked in marketing for Red Bull for 2 years and then I got in the sales team of the company I work today – it’s a holding of various distillates, from Absolut to Orloff, it’s all ours. It’s been a year and a half that I’m the ambassador for Jameson, I report to global, what I do is basically a mixture of sommelier with marketing.”

How did you become the ambassador for Jameson here in Brazil?

luccaI was living abroad and when I got injured I came back to Brazil, right when I got back Red Bull offered me a job. There’s no specific path you have to take to become an ambassador, it’s really weird if you look at my company’s charts, there isn’t a way for you to become an ambassador, you just need to be at the right place, at the right time with the right skills. I already had a good know-how on marketing and sales because I had already worked with that for a year and ten months, so the director interviewed me during a party and indicated me for the job. I was lucky to be at the right place at the right time with the right profile for the right brand. I there was an opening for Chivas for example, I would have never got the job because it’s a much more traditional whiskey.

How much does fashion have an influence in your life?

luccaMy mom is a stylist so I always had this connection with fashion. In 2010 I started to draw my own clothes, I would draw some shirts because I liked some longline stuff, and it is what’s happening today and back then you couldn’t find one for sale anywhere. So I took advantage of my mom’s workshop – I drew and another woman would model it for me, I would tell her sort of what I wanted, I have two pieces that I kept till today.

This is how I got in touch with fashion, nowadays I use really use fashion as market research for alcoholic beverages – you would think they’re different but actually it isn’t, these days you can really figure out a lot of trends like what the fashion crowd is consuming, what fashion is turning into, in what way is it going,  and that translates directly and literally in to consumer goods such as drinks and food. So with just a bit of fashion, I can build a link to my day to day work.

Would you say that fashion dictates every trend?

luccaYes, a lot, I think is funny because Fashion and music go hand in hand with one another. Nowadays it’s American rappers who are setting fashion trends as well as what alcoholic beverage you’re going to consume – you see all of them drinking brandy these days, but 8 or 9 years from now everybody will be drinking that stuff too, and they’re drinking it now, in 2018. So what they’re wearing and drinking sets where the money goes. You see DrakeRihannaWiz Khalifa, all of them consume a lot of Jameson, so our brand grows a lot because of these influencers, that we don’t even pay, they just consume it because they actually like the brand. Putting fashion and music together and that turns into consumer goods.

Since when and why do you only wear black clothes?

luccaMany years ago I saw a Mark Zuckerberg talk on the internet and he uses the same clothes every day. And what he said made a lot of sense, the moment you have to make a decision at work, the less meaningless decisions you have to make, the bigger are the chances of you making the right decision. So taking those small decisions from your day like ” am I going to wear white or black today?” you “save up” a decision, you keep it stocked away for when you need to make an important one. So that’s why I only wear black every day – I have my daily sneakers and when I’m going out not for work, I have my going out sneakers. But my daily clothes are the same, I choose a sneaker and I’ll wear it for like 3 months straight and then I just pick another one. But my clothes are always black.

Right now the Vapors are my daily sneakers, I usually say that it’s not because you have a rare sneaker that you should just leave them on the shelf, I make the same analogy with whiskey as well. Once it’s inside the bottle no matter how old it is, it will only get worse – it gets better inside a barrel, but inside the glass, it only gets worse. So, bro, you bought it, use it. Is it a rare sneaker? Yes, bro, but it’s way more dope wearing them on a daily basis and really enjoy them, yes they’ll wear out quicker, obviously, but you will definitely enjoy it way more. You don’t need to wear your worn out sneakers everyday, wear the coolest ones so you can fill cool as well, your self-esteem goes way up.

What’s your relationship with sneakers in general?

luccaMan, I think sneakers are the main piece that you can wear. When you look at a person, it’s where my eyes go right away, and this happens since way back when I wore Plasma because I used to skate. So I would look at a sneaker a think “damn, that shoes have a lot of personalities”. It’s not always you who buys your clothes, but there’s a 90% chance that you bought your own sneakers. When you’re a kid, you probably had some influence on the sneakers you were. So to me, it’s you can be dressed all basic, but if you have some fly sneakers on, your look is complete.

What does the The Ten collection mean to you?

luccaI think it broke a lot of sneaker paradigms, because until then sneaker where composed of a sole, upper, laces, and when it came with extra laces it was already something quite different. And they simply took a sneaker that already existed, nothing was made, it was all recreated and man, the dude put a tag, three completely different colors of extra laces. So he took it to the max, he deconstructed everything, he even labeled on the sneaker, what type of tech it had. Nike always liked to show what technology was in the shoe, apparent tech sells more, so he labeled it, in a way that’s less technological that’s cool and funny at the same time. And I like that a lot. It’s just the right amount – he puts an orange tag on the sneaker but it doesn’t overdo it. And it’s an icon, a benchmark, 10 years from now people will still respect this sneaker, Off-White may be gone but the sneakers marked an era.

Do you consider yourself a sneakerhead?

luccaNo, but my bank manager says yes (laughs). I spend almost nothing on clothes, so the only real fashion thing I buy is basically sneakers. I change, buy and stack up sneakers in an amount that can be considered a sneakerhead.

Why did you choose this Vapormax to do this photoshoot?

luccaThe Vapor was one I never found for sale abroad until I bought them here in Brazil and besides the Presto, this is the only black one – it is the only full black one. It was all because my strong connection with black that I’ve have for 5 years now, the fact that it’s a daily sneaker, which is all black but still attracts attention and that has 3 details that make everyone look. Adding to my lifestyle, with The Ten, I think they are the number 1out of the 10 for me. He may not be the prettiest or the rarest, but my favorite for daily.

And is there any sneakers of your dreams?

luccaI’m in negotiation between a few, but my dream today, which I almost getting my hands on is the Off-White’s Jordan. And one I already bought but still hasn’t arrived is the Balenciaga’s Triple S, black with cream and red. Vetement launched a bunch of sneakers with Reebok, which if I have access to I want to take one, it’s impossible not to. This year 2018 will be the year of collabs, everything collab piece I have, I will value 200 times more than the regular stuff.

People are figuring out that collaborations are much cooler than individualism – collaborations between different things. One that launched last year, that I didn’t get the sneakers, doesn’t have anything to do with me and I would never buy, but I respect a lot is Gatorade’s collab with Nike. It’s a collab that you could never imagine it would happen, the brands have talked to each other for at least 40 years, through sport and someone had the idea of doing a sneaker together. And the Gatorade’s green and orange are very iconic especially in the United States, and because of that, it sold out.

Collabs that goes beyond rappers, musicians, artists, are going to win me over a lot this year – like beverage brands, food, delivery. Like what DHL did with Vetement, what Ikea is doing now. This kind of stuff moves more with me than brands just making a sneaker.

Adidas Deerupt Pride
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Photos by: Pérola Dutra


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