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Pedro da Mata

Reebok Ex-O-Fit Lo Reebok Ex-O-Fit Lo
02—02—2018 Photos by: Kickstory
Pedro da Mata
Interview # 72

This week we have an international interview! Straight from Barcelona, we interviewed Pedro da Mata. Portuguese designer and calligrapher who is taking his Masters in Graphic Design in the Catalan capital. He told us about his relationship with the calligraphy, the importance of this in his life, his influences and his preference for Reebok!

“I’m Pedro, I’m 24 years old, and I’m living in Barcelona so I can get my masters in Graphic Design. Since I was little I always wanted to do stuff and Graffiti was the first thing that I got in to, but the adrenaline that came with the process wasn’t something that excited me, so besides other reasons and problems, I gave it all up. But when I started taking typography in college I ended up liking it way more than I had expected and I discovered that this was something I really liked for real. Honestly, I think that it’s one of the main strands of graphic design, it’s a very important skill, it’s a real differential if the designer knows how to draw letters.

Besides that, my topography teacher was Enric Jardí’s student in college, and he was the one who helped me to come to Barcelona.”

Do you carry any inspiration from street culture, streetwear, and sneakers over to your calligraphy?

pedroYes! I’ve always been influenced by these cultures, especially by street culture, because it was something I’ve always wanted to do and get more into it. I’m influenced by streetwear because of Hip Hop, big brands influence me on having the dream because most of them started out just like we are today, doing what they loved – a group of friends that invested in a dream and are now living it.

What’s your relationship with sneakers?

pedroBeing comfortable is the key, but I like to match it with the rest out my outfit, it’s a complementary piece that makes all the difference when you present yourself. The first time I really started to like sneakers was when I started wearing Reeboks, the Classics as well as the Trainers. It was the most comfortable thing to wear on your foot plus it looked awesome. Reebok is different from the others because it doesn’t have a lot of models and at the same time each model is a classic – regardless of whether it’s old or not, it has a strong impact on me than any other brand.

When exactly did you start your relationship with sneakers?

pedroI’ve played Rugby my entire life, and at the time I didn’t think about anything besides Rugby, I would spend my entire day on it. I think that after all the disappointments I had when I stopped playing, I was a bit lost in what I wanted to do with my life. It made me look at other things, made me realize what I liked, I started to be influenced by the streetwear culture and the sneakers came along with it.

Why did you choose this Reebok Ex-O-Fit low for this photoshoot?

pedroIf I say that it’s because this is the one that I like the most it’s gonna sound a bit clichê, but the fact that they are white with gum outsoles, to me is the best that you can get with a sneaker. You can wear them at any occasion, formal or informal, your looking good.

Do you have any stories with them?

pedroYes, I was wearing them at the Kendrick Lamar concert, which was an important moment of my life. Even so, because it was at the same time that he dropped the Reeboks Red and Blue.

Reebok Ex-O-Fit Lo
Pedro da Mata
Bought: 2016
Photos by: Kickstory


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