Priscila Gusmão Priscila

Priscila Gusmão

Adidas ZX Flux Adidas ZX Flux
11—29—2017 Photos by: Kickstory
Priscila Gusmão
Interview # 68

Priscila started liking sneakers because of her fiancé and began her collection with these Adidas ZX Flux, today she is already completely inserted in the universe. Priscila told us the story of these sneaker and how it was to wait a year to be able to buy it.

“My name is Priscilla, I’m 25 years old and I was born and raised in São Paulo. This is my city, this is the city I love, and besides the love I have for São Paulo I’ve discovered another passion, and that passion is called sneakers. I’ve been collecting sneakers from the moment I got this one I’m wearing today, this one was the one that took the longest for me to get.”

Priscila, what’s your relationship with sneakers in general?

PriscilaComfort, style, and quality – because, Imma tell you something, being a woman and having to wear other types of shoes because society implies that you do, is really bad. I prefer sneakers all the way, even men’s models are better than wearing regular shoes.

I really like to research the models and discover the stories behind them, I buy them because of the quality not for quantity. My fiancé is also a collector and it was him who brought me to this sneaker world. I was shocked at the amount of sneakers he had, and he would make sure that he showed and told the story of every single one – until it got to a point that I began to like and understand them as well.

Tell us a little bit more about how you came to like sneakers so much.

priscilaIt was more of a process than a moment in itself. When I put on the Ultra Boost, and I felt the comfort I thought “this is what I really like”, it usually takes a while for me to get the ones I want, but in the end I always get them.

And why did you pick this Adidas ZX Flux for this photoshoot?

priscilaBecause he was the first in my collection – before, I just had some simpler ones to wear at the gym. I was researching, looking through some models to buy and I found this one, It was a model mostly used by guys, but I was determined to find one for me and in a color that I liked. The ZX was a retro running shoe, so they took the model, redesigned it and changed the technology on the sole to make it more comfortable. When I found this pink one, I fell in love and after a year I was able to get it! I was going through that moment of living by yourself, so I had to buy things for my house, and at that moment sneakers were the last of my priorities. When I got them it was really special.

Adidas ZX Flux
Owner: Priscila
Bought: 2015

Photos by: Kickstory


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